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From the moment you walk through Back Bar’s door, you sense an air of style and sophistication. The room is exquisitely fashioned with a richly coloured Axminster carpet, ornate couches, gilded mirrors, flocked wallpaper and a pressed metal ceiling reminiscent of the glitz and glamour of the 1920’s.

At Back Bar you can sit and relax in what feels like your own private and decadent lounge room while sipping on one of over 60 cocktail creations on offer like ‘Bangkok Fire’, ‘The Parisian’ or ‘Le Pink Bits’, or you can chill out with a cold beer and a few mates while contemplating your next move in a game of chess or backgammon.

Back Bar has a unique style and ambience far removed from the cold ultra modern image of many other cocktail bars. Its dim lamp lighting and open fireplace radiate warmth throughout providing that perfect place to escape the cold of a Melbourne winters day whilst warming with a glass of red.

As cosy and glamorous as Back Bar may appear on a week day, when the weekend arrives it takes on a whole new dimension, transforming with style offering a vivacious atmosphere where locals, corporate executives and celebrities come to release the tension of a working week.

Step away from the chaos of Chapel St and into Green St’s Back Bar, and discover a place where you can quietly lose yourself in your own thoughts or find yourself partying with friends in one of the best cocktail bars Melbourne has to offer.